Capacity in cbm

35,000 cbm

Number of tanks

20, varying from 500 cbm to 4000 cbm.
The majority of the tanks is suitable for the storage of various products.
The majority of the tanks can be heated as well.


Barges and sea vessels.

Maximum draught

8.5 metres

Quay length

140 metres for barges and sea vessels.

Quay capacity

11000 DWT max.


K3 products. Mineral oils, from fuel oil to diesel oil for cars, oils for biodiesel
production and products for bunker storage activities.
Possibly also vegetable oils for the energy sector and the food sector.


Heating of the products.
Blending of various products; Haan Oil Storage has a permit for blending products with
different customs statusses
Adding additives.
Loading and unloading of roadtanktrucks and tankcontainers.
Completion of customs formalities.